SkinMedica FAQ

How much is shipping?

Shipping is calculated at check-out based on your location and weight of the order. Orders under 1 lb has the option of being shipped via USPS First Class. Orders 1 lb and over has to be shipped via Priority mail (USPS rules, not mine). If your package is delayed through USPS, please know it is out of my control once I drop off the package at the post office. Here is how to file a missing package:

Why don't you offer free shipping?

I have very slim margins with SkinMedica so I cannot afford to offer free shipping.

What if I have a problem with my SkinMedica product?

Please contact me for returns for a full refund for the product. Please note that the TNS essentials serum lasts roughly 6 weeks twice a day use, so I cannot refund you if you have used a majority of the product.

TNS Essentials and Advanced pump problems?

Try priming the pump by firmly pressing your finger over the 2 holes to keep product from dispensing, and depress the pump. This will help dislodge air bubbles that may have become trapped. Also store the product upside down. See 0:58 in this video

Can I use my Brilliant Distinctions/Alle points?

I am enrolled with the BD/Alle program but I do not participate since I would have to individually adjust the price of each order, which I do not have time to do as I am doing this on my own (no staff support).