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I am a Pediatric Ophthalmologist practicing in San Ramon, California. My journey as an accidental entrepreneur started after the birth of my daughter. While I was pumping, I wanted to be able pump hands-free in my nursing tank, so I designed and produced the OmniTank. Then after I went back to work, I felt there was a need for professional-looking nursing/pumping dresses. I partnered with Betabrand and with the votes of my physician friends, the Pumping Professional's dress was created. I produced a second run of the nursing dress which is still available here. All the sleep deprivation and working took a toll on my skin and I started using SkinMedica, which I love. I hope to share the quality products with you.

***Discount available for physicians.

Victoria Hsu, MD

Professional dress with convenient zippered openings under each arm. Zip either side up or down quickly, and without tipping everyone off that you’re nursing. 



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